Scholarships of county 'New castle' within Delaware

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SEED - Student Excellence Equals Degree Scholarship Program

Listed below are the requirements to maintain eligibility in the SEED Scholarship program. 1. A student must register, attend, and maintain 12 or more eligible credits in both fall and spring semesters. The student must make steady academic progress toward an associate degree, earning no fewer than 24 credit hours required for full-time status in each academic year. 2. A student must maintain continuous full-time enrollment for both the fall and spring semesters in each successive academic year, unless granted an exception for cause by Delaware Tech's vice president of finance. 3. A student must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 calculated on a 4.0 scale. Cumulative grade point average will be verified the day after summer session grades are reviewed to determine eligibility for the upcoming academic year. Under extreme circumstances, Delaware Tech may grant exceptions upon appeal to Delaware Tech's vice president of finance. 4. The student and parent/legal guardian or relative caregiver shall re-certify that the student has not been convicted of any felony. If a student has felony charges pending, the student and parent/legal guardian or relative caregiver will sign a certification that if the student is convicted of a felony, the student, parent/legal guardian or relative caregiver will notify the appropriate Delaware Tech Financial Aid Office, and the student will no longer be eligible for the SEED Scholarship. 5. Students are eligible to participate in the SEED Scholarship program for a period not to exceed six continuous semesters, whether or not SEED payment is made. Summer sessions are not included in the six semester calculation. SEED will not pay for any credits taken beyond the student's attainment of one associate degree. 6. The SEED Scholarship will not pay for courses or other post-secondary units previously paid or taken in excess of the requirement for completion of an associate degree with the exception of those courses required by Delaware Tech for program admission. 7. If a student has not successfully completed 24 credit hours and met the cumulative GPA requirement by the end of the spring semester, the student must successfully complete the remaining credit hours in the summer session to be eligible for the SEED Scholarship during the next academic year. Students who have not successfully completed 24 credit hours by the end of the spring semester are not eligible for SEED Scholarship payment for summer session classes and will be personally responsible for payment of summer session classes. 8. If the student has successfully completed 24 credit hours and met the cumulative GPA requirement by the end of the spring semester, the student can attend part-time during the summer session and receive SEED Scholarship payment, pending availability of funds. 9. To maintain eligibility for the SEED Scholarship during the next academic year, the student should reapply for financial aid by April 1 and submit a new SEED Scholarship application by April 15 of each year. 10. First time students who applied for Year 1 SEED and did not qualify due to availability of other financial assistance should reapply if they meet eligibility requirements, including minimum cumulative GPA, legal status and full-time enrollment.

Dr. Joseph P. Pyle Scholarship

Description:This scholarship is provided to benefit residents/graduates of high schools in Wilmington, Delaware. Eligibility:Based on academics, physical conditioning, interest in outdoors exercising, moral character, and residency in Wilmington, Delaware.

Hirsch Scholarship Fund

Description:Financial assistance offered through the Hirsch Scholarship Fund. Eligibility:Awarded to undergraduate students who are residents of Wilmington, Delaware.

Ed Hiestand Memorial Veterinary Student Scholarship

Eligibility Competition is open to all veterinary students. (This is in addition to the general call for papers, to which anyone can respond.) Subject The paper should cover a topic related to a veterinary aspect of wildlife rehabilitation (diagnosis, transmission, pathogenesis, treatment, and prevention of a specific disease; an actual case report; a wildlife medicine-related study; etc.) and may consist of a literature review, a personal experience, or both. Presentation The winner makes a 20 to 25 minute presentation at the Symposium and the paper is eligible for publication in the Symposium proceedings. Award $500 scholarship, symposium registration, and banquet ticket are provided in memory of Ed Hiestand. The award is presented at the Symposium banquet. Entries Here are the author guidelines. Submit a 100-250 word abstract and the completed paper to: Dr. Erica A. Miller, DVM Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Inc. 110 Possum Hollow Rd. Newark, DE 19711 Work Phone 302-737-9543 x116 Fax 302-234-2845 Email

Delaware Open Cross Country Championship Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be nominated by their cross country coach. Each high school that is a member of the New Castle County Cross Country and Track Coaches Association (N5CTA) may nominate one male and one female student. Nominees must be : high school seniors who are Delaware residents attending a N5CTA-member school in Delaware students who have participated in high school cross country program(s) during junior and senior years students with a minimum cumulative, unweighted GPA of 2.5 in high school core curriculum, and planning to enroll full-time in a two- or four-year program of study at a regionally accredited college. Award: $2,000 each to one male and one female student for freshman year of college Criteria: 50% Financial need 25% Academic achievement 25% Participation in cross country programs In the event of two equally qualified applicants, preference will be given to All State selection, All County selection, and/or All Catholic selection.