Scholarships of county 'Modoc' within California

"Here are the first 20 scholarships where one of the requirements is based on where you live."

Some states or counties have hundreds of scholarships for which you may qualify.
If you see less then 20 examples for your state, check back and visit this page in the future. We are adding new scholarships every week.

Virginia May Clark Scholarship

The Virginia May Clark Scholarship chooses to support a female student at FRCC who is working toward a certificate or a degree. The award will be split between the spring and fall semesters and will be credited directly to the student’s account. This scholarship may be used for any expense related to attending school.Pre-requisites:1. Applicants must be a United States citizen.2. Applicants must be a new or continuing student of FRCC – Boulder County Campus, taking 6 or more credit hours.3. Applicants must plan to pursue a certificate or degree program and must be enrolled when the award is made.4. Applicants must demonstrate financial need.5. A letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer, or professional in the community must accompany the scholarship application.6. Must provide current transcripts.

Single But Not Alone – Single Mother Scholarship

This scholarship was created to assist a single mother to attend school to obtain job skills in order to secure a better job and provide more fiscal resources for her family. There will be one scholarship in the amount of $500 for the fall semester. Funds may be used to reimburse tuition, fees, books, or any other necessary expenses (i.e. daycare while in class).Pre-requisites:1. The applicant must be a current or intended student of FRCC-Boulder County Campus. She must be a Colorado resident.2. Applicant must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5 and provide the most current transcripts3. The applicant must demonstrate financial need.4. The applicant must be a single mother5. Applicant must provide a personal or professional letter of recommendation.6. Applicant must complete an essay demonstrating the challenges they face as a single mother and why they are deserving of this award.

R. Marshall Coon Vocational/Technical Scholarship

The purpose of the RMCS Fund will be to provide credit for tuition, fees, books and other related educational costs for a student who is involved in advanced technology programs. Awards for tuitionand fees shall be paid directly to the institution from the fund. Students may apply for and receive scholarships under this fund for up to and including four (4) semesters of study. Students may enrollin more than one technical education area of study in each of our qualifying semesters. For the purposes of this award, advanced technology may include: electronics, engineering, graphicstechnology, architectural technology, multi-media technology, automotive technology or computer technology.Pre-requisites:1. The applicant must be a resident of Colorado.2. The applicant must be a current or intended student of FRCC, taking 6 or more credit hours.3. Preference will be given to residents of Boulder County.4. Must be enrolled in Advanced Technology classes and/or planning to pursue a career in one of the advanced Technology areas.5. Applicants must demonstrate financial need.6. A letter of recommendation from a teacher, employer, or professional in the community must accompany the scholarship application.7. Applicants must complete an essay stating why he or she is deserving of the award.