Scholarships of county 'Fresno' within California

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Fresno-Madera Medical Society Scholarship Fndn

Any resident of Fresno County or Madera County is eligible to receive a Fresno-Madera Medical Society Foundation Scholarship provided that he/she has been a resident of either Fresno County or Madera County for one year or more and provided that his/her application for matriculation in a Medical School has been approved. Need, scholastic achievement and prospects for completion of the chosen curriculum are important considerations in determining whether or not to grant a scholarship.

Promising Accountant Junior College Scholarship - CalCPA Fresno Chapter

The CalCPA Fresno Chapter looks forward to receiving your completed application. Scholarships are awarded based on the criteria below. Funds will be awarded at our annual Student Night in September. Eligibility: The student applicant  attends a State Center Community College (Fresno City, Reedley College, Madera Center, Clovis Center or Oakhurst Center), Porterville Community College, West Hills Community College or College of the Sequoias; and must have completed 24 units by application deadline and be a continuing junior college student with an emphasis in accounting.  must have a 3.0 or above grade point average  must submit official copy of transcripts showing at least 24 units completed  must submit two letters of recommendation: at least one from a faculty member and one from an employer or local business person regarding the applicant’s:  personal characteristics, such as honesty, integrity, leadership capabilities, motivation and ability to accept responsibilities;  intellectual ability and communication skills; and  desire to become a CPA.  Must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident of the U.S. and submit a signed declaration attesting to eligibility

Josephine S. Cain Foundation Scholarship

Giving scholarship to student enrolled in nursing course. Initial approach: Letter and resume Please contact the foundation for more information. Limited to residents of Fresno, CA.