Scholarships of county 'Butte' within California

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Foundation for College Christian Leaders Scholarship

Guidelines: The following are the minimum guidelines that must be met before a candidate will be considered for scholarship: 1. Christian testimony, and verifiable Christian leadership. 2. Entering undergraduate studies, or currently attempting to attain a degree. (Occasionally, we assist graduate level students who meet all other criteria). 3. 3.0 G.P.A. or better. 4. Financial need. Combined income of parents and student is below $60,000. Foundation students natural and step parent's incomes are included in that income ceiling. 5. Primary residence or attending college must be in California, Oregon, or Washington.(Please note, Guideline #5 is due in part to a decline in our investment portfolio and also a desire on the part of the Board to interview applicants and to have more personal contact with recipients.)