You've probably heard of The College Board. They're the sadists who develop the SAT and other standardized tests. They are also responsible for the College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE form. This form is longer than the FAFSA and is designed to furnish more accurate and exacting financial information. The form is longer because the methodology used here is distinctly different from the methodology used at the federal level. 

The PROFILE is a necessary document that is required by hundreds of public and private colleges, universities and scholarship organizations. Be certain that you complete and submit this form. 

If you're wondering why you have to complete the long FAFSA and also the even longer PROFILE, here's why: FAFSA is administered by the federal government. PROFILE is administered by The College Board, a private organization. It is used most often (but not exclusively) by private colleges, which have their own funds to award and need additional information in order to make their financial aid decisions. It is used by many private colleges to determine your eligibility for need-based non-governmental loans, such as those administered by the college itself.

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