Epilepsy Scholarships

Here are some of the Epilepsy scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Parke-Davis Epilepsy Scholarship Award

Eligibility requirements include: - currently under a physician's care for epilepsy - currently a high school senior with a completed university/college application or currently a college freshman, sophomore, or junior or currently a college senior with a completed graduate school application - achievement in academic and extracurricular activities The award is competitive, but all well-rounded students with epilepsy are encouraged to apply.

IETF College Scholarships

Students of all ages who have been diagnosed with essential tremor (ET) are encouraged to apply for an IETF College Scholarship. Each semester the IETF will provide four qualified students with a $500 scholarship to help lessen the burden of attaining higher education. Scholarships may be used to cover the cost of supplies, books, student fees or tuition at a licensed, accredited educational institution or trade school. Funds are paid directly to the school. The IETF Scholarship Committee, made up of members of the IETF Board of Directors, will review each application. Students will be judged based on their academic achievement, leadership skills and/or community service, as well as a submitted essay. Those individuals awarded an IETF Scholarship will have their essays and photographs published in Tremor Talk, the IETF’s lifestyle magazine and in other related IETF publications. A press release will also be submitted to the student’s local media, to help raise awareness of essential tremor and gain needed support within the students own hometown. All persons with essential tremor--regardless of age, vocational goals or physical location in the world--are encouraged to apply. The IETF does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation Eligibility requirements: • High school or GED graduate of any age attending a licensed, accredited institution of higher learning • Applicant has been diagnosed with ET Scholarship criteria: • Academic success (at least a 2.5 GPA) • Community service and/or Leadership skills • Essay submission, limited to 500 words, answering the question: “How has ET affected my life?” Application materials to be submitted: • Completed application form (obtained on the IETF website) • Letter of acceptance from the educational program director • High school or higher education transcript • Essay (see Scholarship criteria above) • Doctor’s letter of ET diagnosis Application submission deadlines: All scholarship application materials should be submitted electronically as one document to OR mailed to IETF, Attn: Catherine Rice, PO Box 14005, Lenexa, KS 66285 according to the following schedule: Fall Semester – Application deadline May 1 with award announcement July 15. Spring Semester – Application deadline September 1 with award announcement November 15.

BMW Hope Endowment

Requirements: GPA Min: 3.00 Please provide a reference letter from your attending physician stating you have epilepsy. Applicant must be one of the following: 1. A senior high school student who will be an incoming college freshman student with a minimum non-weighted cumulative GPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale, OR a minimum score of ACT 22 OR SAT [verbal / critical reading and math] 1030 OR GPA designated by specific endowment; 2. A College student presently enrolled in an accredited college / university who has maintained a "B" average [3.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale] during his / her college career OR GPA designated by specific scholarship; 3. A College student applying for graduate scholarship must have GPA of 3.50 on 4.00 scale or higher and enrolled in a US accredited college / university; 4. A student returning to accredited college / university after period of absence from school must have at least a GPA of 3.00 on 4.00 scale; 5. Enrolled for training in a technical school or any person returning to school after an absence to retrain job skills or obtain a degree. [Post secondary students at any educational level]; 6. Enrolled in an online course through an Accredited College / University / Vocational school or an accredited program by an accredited agency to be eligible for online tuition credit.

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