Scholarship of the Month

STEM Scholarship by XBOSoft

posted on Aug 14, 2018

XBOSoft understands the importance of education in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. Scholarship

posted on Jul 01, 2018 Scholarship

BluePay STEM Scholarship

posted on Jun 25, 2018

Engineering, Mathematics, Science Scholarship

Pursuit Scholarship Competition

posted on Jun 09, 2018

Pursuit will award four scholarships to incoming Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors enrolled in an American university or community college.

National Recycling Research Foundation Scholarship

posted on May 24, 2018

Since 2010, RRF has sponsored a graduate scholarship to individuals seeking a graduate degree in programs that support the scrap processing or the recycling industry.

$2,000 Easy Scholarship: Share a Link to Help Your Friends Register to Vote!

posted on May 01, 2018

You could win a $2,000 scholarship just by helping 1 friend register to vote!

Perfect Plants Scholarship

posted on Apr 01, 2018

Applicants must be an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior or senior enrolled full or part time into a course of study at a community college or university leading to a career in the horticultural industry.

The Whitaker Foundation Scholarship Fund

posted on Mar 24, 2018

The Foundation intends to support art students with a special emphasis on watercolor and museum studies/art history and to help them meet the diverse needs of today’s professional art and museum world.

The Goldie Initiative

posted on Feb 28, 2018

Providing scholarship support for graduate study, mentorship, and networking opportunities for women with high potential who are committed to becoming leaders in the real estate industry.

Change Africa to Improve the World Scholarship

posted on Jan 12, 2018

ABO Capital, an international investment firm headquartered in Angola with holdings throughout the globe, is asking students to submit essays that show how you can change Africa to improve the world. In 500 words or less, students need to demonstrate their knowledge of Africa and explain their ideas for tapping into its economic potential and bettering the continent.

The Purpose Challenge

posted on Dec 29, 2017

Win up to $25,000 for college!

Medical Nursing Scholarship

posted on Nov 18, 2017

The Healthcare Leaders Scholarship is offered to students entering or currently pursuing an educational program related to nursing or medicine.

2018 Never Drink and Drive Scholarship

posted on Oct 30, 2017

$1,000 National Scholarship. Deadline: March 11, 2018. It is our goal to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and put an end to the repeated senseless tragedies caused by this preventable type of collision. College-bound high school seniors, college students and grad students may write an essay about drunk driving and how it has affected them personally, why others should care or to raise awareness.

Patriotic Scholarship

posted on Sep 29, 2017

FMAA Educational Scholarship Program 2018 Your 1.5 to 2 minute video should address the question, “What does the United States flag mean to you as a young American today?”

Create Real Impact Scholarship

posted on Aug 28, 2017

Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens in America. Create Real Impact wants you to create and promote innovative and effective SOLUTIONS to the deadly epidemic of reckless and distracted driving.

2018 Straight North STEM Scholarship

posted on Jul 31, 2017

As an industry leader, Straight North supports students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines.

Music Scholarship

posted on Jun 23, 2017 is providing all the students having subjects related to the Music with a scholarship of $4000.

Future U.S. Nurse Scholarship

posted on May 31, 2017

Travel Nurse Source is awarding a $2,000.00 scholarship to a nursing student who composes a winning essay to our scholarship essay contest.

Evolve IP Cloud Scholarship

posted on Apr 24, 2017

Designed to help students who plan on a career in technology or computer sciences.

Engineering, Science and Medical Scholarship

posted on Feb 24, 2017

The Quanta Picosecond Laser Scholarship is given to those students pursuing an education in medicine, physics, science and engineering.

Noplag Student Scholarship

posted on Jan 07, 2017

So here is the deal. As well as in any other essay contests be creative, inspiring, detailed, vivid, interesting and engaging writing your scholarship essay as you about to stand out before thousands of other examples that will be submitted to Noplag. We want you to WIN!

KidGuard for Education Essay Scholarship

posted on Dec 17, 2016

TOPIC: ” Do you think parents should monitor their kid’s phone? “

The Pearl Source Scholarship

posted on Nov 25, 2016

The Pearl Source is awarding a $1,500 scholarship to one lucky college student.

$1000 - 5 minute Scholarship

posted on Oct 01, 2016

All over the world people want Unpaid Internships to be made completely illegal.

Mental Health Education Scholarship

posted on Sep 10, 2016

Vantage Point Recovery is offering our annual General Education and Mental Health Education Scholarship! We are dedicated to helping to support education specific to mental health. Annual $1000 Scholarship

posted on Jul 22, 2016

We at want to support young leaders that understand frugality and saving money, and how the skills and knowledge of using coupons can contribute to that end. We will award 1 scholarship winner with $1000 to put towards education every year.

2016 Kitchen Cabinet Kings Entrepreneur Scholarship

posted on Jun 30, 2016

You’re one essay away from a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship!

5,000.00 Award of the Month

posted on May 21, 2016

Do Something Good!

2016 Husband and Wife Law Team Scholarship

posted on Apr 29, 2016

The 2016 Breyer Law Scholarship is our way to not only giveback to an exceptional high school senior graduating in the 2015-2016 school year, but also stressing the importance of higher education and students being able to follow their dream career path after high school.

Everyday SuperHeroes

posted on Feb 29, 2016

Enter to win a $3,000 easy scholarship by making a card for someone in your community! Make your card (or lots of them!) and upload a photo of it. You’ll automatically enter to win a $3,000 scholarship.

Sunoco Rewards Scholarships

posted on Jan 29, 2016

We are now accepting applications for our 2016 Sunoco Rewards scholarships. This year, Sunoco is offering two $1,000.00 scholarships to two future marketers.

BBB 2015-2016 Scholarship

posted on Dec 12, 2015

The Better Business Bureau offers scholarships to outstanding high school students in various states. Below are the details for Delaware.

Customized Girl - A Statement For The World

posted on Nov 16, 2015

The Customized Girl Scholarship is awarded to the girl with the most important message to share. Win our scholarship and you’ll receive:

LivSecure Scholarship

posted on Oct 31, 2015

You focus on your studies. We’ll help with your tuition. At LivSecure, we are proud to support those who are studying to make our neighborhoods a safer place.

Create Real Impact

posted on Sep 21, 2015

Create Real Impact motivates young people to promote innovative and effective SOLUTIONS to the deadly epidemic of reckless and distracted driving.

“Out-Of-The-Box-Thinking” Scholarship

posted on Aug 21, 2015

The purpose of our scholarship is to get the younger demographic thinking differently about innovation, marketing and retail, specifically with regard to pet products. Whether an idea for a cat/dog feeder, or perhaps a unique point of sale retail concept, the scholarship is designed to push applicants to think differently. Coming up with an idea is one thing, but thinking through how it would work, what it would cost, who and how large the market is, how it would be marketed, and the way in which it would be retailed is a whole other story.

$1500 Tell us your Story Wattpad Scholarship

posted on Jul 20, 2015

EVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL - tell us a true story about something that has impacted your life for your chance to receive one of FIVE $1500 scholarships from Wattpad.

Chaffin Luhana Foundation DRiver AWareness (DRAW) Scholarship

posted on Jun 26, 2015

The DRAW Scholarship Challenge was created to help empower high school students and our youth to open up their minds and create an effective, unique, and new distracted driving prevention campaign.

YFU Scholarship

posted on May 26, 2015

Youth for Understanding - awards more than $1.6 million in partial or full study abroad scholarships annually.

TOGETHER WE CARE™ Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Program

posted on Apr 18, 2015

MinuteClinic® and JOHNSON & JOHNSON FAMILY OF CONSUMER COMPANIES have teamed up again to bring you the 2015 Together We Care Nurse Practitioner Scholarship Program.

$1,000 Noodle High School Scholarship Sweepstakes

posted on Mar 07, 2015

Here’s your chance to win $1,000 to put towards your college education.

National Park Reservations Scholarship

posted on Feb 04, 2015

National Park Reservations is offering a $1,500 scholarship to the winner of their video contest.

ADHD Scholarship by Shire

posted on Jan 02, 2015

The Michael Yasick ADHD Scholarship by Shire recognizes and supports individuals with ADHD in the US who are pursuing higher education at a college, vocational school, or technical school in the United States.

Marketing EDGE Scholarships

posted on Nov 29, 2014

Marketing EDGE awards scholarships to students at the undergraduate and graduate levels who are studying marketing, and would like to pursue careers in this field.

Foot Locker Scholar Athletes

posted on Oct 04, 2014

The scholarship is open to students entering college in the Fall of 2015 as a freshman at a four-year school for an undergraduate degree. Applicants must be involved in high school, intramural or community-based sports and have a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Firefly Sustainability Scholarship

posted on Sep 02, 2014

The Firefly Sustainability Scholarship was created to financially assist like-minded individuals in their education.

Defensive Driving Scholarship

posted on Aug 02, 2014

Applicant must be a high school senior or current college student. What’s your biggest pet peeve about other drivers? Why is their behavior dangerous/unsafe? . Student must enroll in semester beginning no later than Spring 2015

Occupational Safety Scholarship

posted on Jul 14, 2014

Enviro safety products is awarding a $1500 Scholarship to the student who writes the winning essay about safety in the work and professional environments. Who: All active, full time college or technical school students.

2015 BrokerFish Scholarship

posted on Jun 28, 2014

The BrokerFish $1,000 University Scholarship is available in spring 2015 to students who are currently pursuing any university course

2014 Savvy Saver Scholarship

posted on May 09, 2014 knows how important it is for college students to keep a close eye on their spending. We want to know how students learned to be smart with their money.

Teen Travel Writing Scholarship

posted on Apr 04, 2014

The Teen Travel Writing Scholarship is available to junior high and high school students between the ages of 13 and 18. To be considered, you must submit a travel blog of no more than 600 words. Your entry must also contain at least one photo, digital artwork or video.

2014 Stuck at Prom Scholarship

posted on Mar 03, 2014

Duck Tape Scholarship 2014 - Duck Tape on Project Runway

SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund

posted on Jan 11, 2014

Financial assistance is available to college-level students who are pursuing career paths that support the automotive industry.

Sara Scholarship

posted on Dec 20, 2013

Female high school seniors who plan to pursue a college degree and who demonstrate academic achievement, excellence of character, financial need and active engagement with the sport of golf. Skill in playing golf is not a criterion.

Music Scholarships

posted on Oct 30, 2013

Applicants must be a resident or enrolled in a learning institution within the 5 state region (MN, WI, SD, ND or IA)

Environmental Science Scholarship

posted on Aug 16, 2013

Mike Johnson Scholarship Foundation awards scholarship to study environmental sciences for VA and OR students.

Scholarship for Law Students

posted on Jul 26, 2013

This scholarship is available to all pre-law and law students who are currently admitted to and attending an undergraduate degree program in pre-law at an accredited American university or college or are admitted to and attending a state accredited law school.

Scholarship for Service Program

posted on May 24, 2013

The Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program has been established by the Department of Defense (DoD) to support undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The program aims to increase the number of civilian scientists and engineers working at DoD laboratories.

Scholarship Single Father

posted on Apr 19, 2013

Scholarship Program for Single Fathers - awarded to a single father that is enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution or job training program.

The $5,000 Payzer Scholarship

posted on Mar 27, 2013

Payzer Scholarship The $5,000 Payzer Scholarship enables the recipient to pursue a professional career in engineering, mathematics or the physical or biological sciences. The student must be enrolled, or accepted for enrollment, in an accredited college, university or post-secondary school with an emphasis on technical information.

Scholarship - Golf

posted on Feb 15, 2013

The Travis Memorial Scholarships are awarded to students pursuing a career in one of the following professions:. landscape design/golf course architecture; golf course turf grass management/golf course superintendent; professional golf management, club professional, or sports journalism with a special interest in golf

Graduate Arts Award

posted on Dec 28, 2012

Students in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, and creative writing are eligible to apply. To be eligible, a candidate must have: Senior standing or have graduated from an accredited four-year US college or university within the past five years.

VFW offers scholarships for essay writers

posted on Sep 17, 2012

The Voice of Democracy Program is open to students in grades 9-12, who are enrolled in a public, private or parochial high school or home study program in the United States and its territories.

FIRE's Freedom in Academia Essay Contest

posted on Aug 24, 2012

High school juniors and seniors for the 2012-2013 school year are eligible to participate in FIRE’s essay contest. To enter, students must submit an essay between 800 and 1,000 words on the provided topic (Why is free speech important at our nation’s colleges and universities?

Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship

posted on Jun 22, 2012

The Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship is available to full-time college students who are pursuing a course of study in a medical field, including those studying to become a doctor, nurse, physical therapist, anesthesiologist, radiologist, and all those who are pursuing other medical fields!

Tylenol Healthcare Scholarships

posted on Apr 16, 2012

Healthcare scholarships up to 10,000.00 Tylenol Scholarship

Your Vision - Your Scholarship

posted on Mar 16, 2012


PAY IT FORWARD Scholarship

posted on Feb 29, 2012

The Heinlein Society - PAY IT FORWARD Scholarship

Frank M. Coda Undergraduate Scholarship

posted on Oct 13, 2011

Frank M. Coda Undergraduate Scholarship for future HVAC mechanical engineers

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

posted on Jun 11, 2011

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is the largest and most prestigious arts recognition program in the United States. All students in grades 7-12 currently enrolled in a public or non-public school in the United States, Canada, the U.S. territories, or U.S.-sponsored schools abroad. More than 1 Million in Prize Money and Scholarships

Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship

posted on May 27, 2011

The Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship is a full tuition and housing college scholarship for golf caddies that is renewable for up to four years. Each year, more than 800 deserving caddies across the country attend college on a four-year scholarship from the Evans Scholars Foundation. Selected applicants must have a strong caddie record, excellent grades, outstanding character and demonstrated financial need.