Foreign Cultures Scholarships

The scholarships listed under the heading of foreign cultures represent a range of funding opportunities for those that want to pursue ethnic and gender studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. If you want to study indigenous peoples or if your interests lie in the arenas of sexuality, inequality, racism or class issues, then this might be the major for you. Continue reading below to find out more about this exciting field and also the foreign cultures scholarships that are available.

As a college major ethnic and gender studies is about understanding the connections between cultures and peoples as much as it is about celebrating the singularity and achievements of people, races and nations. These interdisciplinary majors feature coursework from across a range of academic fields, including history, language arts, comparative religion, anthropology, political science and art history. A sampling of the some of the more popular concentrations within this major would include:

African-American studies – Here you'll study the history of North American peoples of African descent. You'll learn how to take highly charged historical and cultural issues and place them in a socio-political framework so as to better understand and interpret them.

Asian studies – In this major you'll receive a comprehensive exposure to Asian language and culture. Most programs focus on a specific geographical area (Japan, Southeast Asia, Tibet). Other programs design their studies to function as a comparative exploration of the entire region.  

European studies – With this broad field of study you'll examine the people, cultures, history and societies of European civilization. Concentrations that are generally available include international relations, regional studies and the study of historical periods, like the Renaissance.

Women's studies – Majors in this field look at the role of women in all areas of life. This wide ranging field can also be found under the name of gender and sexuality studies or feminist studies. Women's studies programs are offered in a variety of formats with a host of concentrations so be certain to research your program carefully.

The degree programs listed above represent a very small amount of the overall offerings to be found at the college level. These areas of study can lead to a number of interesting career paths. Some students in ethnic and gender studies decide to continue their research at the graduate level. Others go in to vocational areas such as teaching, social services, business and health services.

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The Michael I. Sovern/Columbia University Affiliated Fellowship

This fellowship, awarded by the Provost of Columbia University, was established by the Trustees of the American Academy in Rome and Friends of Columbia University in honor of Michael Sovern's chairmanship of the Academy board from 1993 to 2005. It enables a member of the Columbia community to spend six weeks in residence at the Academy.

James Morton Reid Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Samuelson, this grant is awarded to second or third year students in the School of Intercultural Studies and School of Theology who are preparing for local church ministry.

Jerry and Nancy Owsley Scholarship Award

Established in memory of Jerry and Nancy Owsley by their children, this award is given to third-world students in the School of Intercultural Studies who plan to return to their native countries to minister upon graduation.

The Walter and Reba Dilworth Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Walter and Reba Dilworth to assist School of Intercultural Studies students who intend to return to their country of origin to communicate the Gospel more effectively to those of their own culture.

Louise Wallace Hackney Flwp Study of Chinese Art

This award in the amount of $8,000 is open to post-doctoral as well as doctoral students. It is conceived to permit the study of Chinese art, with special relation to painting and its reflection of Chinese culture, and to permit the translation into English of works upon the said subject for the purpose of furthering a better understanding of Chinese painting in the United States. The Fellowship shall permit travel by those to whom an award is given, if such travel is possible. This award is open only to individuals who are citizens of the United States, and while it is possible to apply for a renewal of this grant, it may not be done in consecutive years. In no case shall a fellowship be awarded to scholars of well recognized standing, but shall be given to either men or women who show aptitude for promise in the said field of learning. The aim of the Hackney Fellowship is to remind scholars that Chinese art, like all art, is not a disembodied creation, but the outgrowth of the life and culture from which it has sprung, and it is requested that scholars give special attention to this approach in their study. Applicants should have completed three years study of the Chinese language or its equivalent and should be able to demonstrate that they have already committed themselves to the serious study of this important area of oriental art.

Tadeusz Sendzimir Fund

Provides scholarships to students, preferably of Polish descent, who are studying Polish language, history or culture. Two types of scholarships are available: 1) Academic year awards of up to $5,000, to support ongoing studies at an accredited college or university in the United States or Poland. 2) Summer program scholarships of up to $3,000, to support summer studies abroad at an academic institution/university in Poland.

AAS NEAC Korean Studies Grants

Research Travel - North America. Awards of up to $1,000, including a maximum of $100 daily expenses, are available to scholars who are engaged in research on Korea and wish to use museum, library, or other archival materials located in the United States and Canada. Primarily intended to support post-doctoral research. Pre-doctoral dissertation research will be considered. Short-term Research Travel to Korea. Grants of up to $2,500 are available to cover travel, research, and subsistence expenses on trips to Korea for projects explicitly related to Korean studies that can be accomplished in a relatively short period. These grants are intended for use by scholars who are already familiar with Korea and with their topic, but who need time in Korea in order to complete their work. Research Assistance. Small grants are available for a variety of scholarly needs that are not covered by other funding sources, such as research assistance and manuscript typing. These are very small grants of up to $500, intended to meet a broad range of small-scale research needs to which smaller academic institutions and outside funding agencies are not responsive.

Betty Hansen Continuing Education Grant

Applicants must: 1. Be a Danish Sisterhood member in good standing with the sponsoring lodge. Must be a member for a minimum of one year prior to application deadline. 2. OR be the daughter or son of a Danish Sisterhood Member as listed in requirement 1. 3. Scholarships are awarded for study commencing in the fall of the current year. 4. Be enrolled less than a full time student. a. At an educational, accredited, approved school. b. In a course, workshop, seminar, language class relating to the Danish culture or heritage. 5. A grade point average is not required. 6. Continuing Education Grants are awarded for courses of study, which begin in September of the current year and end prior to August 31 of the following year. (First grant beginning through January and second grant February through August.) Note: If course has already been completed, reimbursement for the actual cost will be made.

California State University, San Bernardino Association of Latino Faculty, Staff and Students

The association annually provides approximately $4,000 in scholarships to students who have evidenced an interest in Hispanic cultures. These are administered by the Association of Latino Faculty, Staff And Student. A separate application is required which is available in the Financial Aid Office. The minimum GPA is 2.5. Students should check with the Financial Aid Office regarding the application deadline.

AFSCME/UNCF/Harvard University LWP Union Scholars Program

The future is in the hands of those with the ability and desire to change the world. People like you. That is why we are co-sponsoring the AFSCME/UNCF/Harvard University LWP Union Scholars Program. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), has joined with Harvard University and UNCF to let those of you who qualify experience what it is like to be part of the labor movement. You can work on the front lines of a real union organizing campaign, where you will talk to workers about gaining a voice on the job, fair wages and benefits for themselves and their families joining a union. You will get an opportunity to do the day-to-day work of outreach to workers by phone and on home visits, campaign research and material development. But the best part is that you will have a chance to make a difference in the lives of people. Plus, you will receive scholarship funding as well as have a real world experience that may help you see what lies in your future. Valid Driver's License required. Program Requirements: - 2.5 GPA on 4.0 scale - College Sophomore or College Junior - Eligible Majors*: American Studies, Anthropology, Economics, English, Ethnic Studies, History, Labor Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Women's Studies - Attend a 4 year College/University - Student Application (includes Trancript and Resume) and a Recommendation Form ETHNICITY: African American, American Indian - Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, Hispanic American COLLEGES / UNIVERSITIES 4-Year Colleges

Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellowships

Founded to assist scholars in their study of all aspects of Indian history, culture and contemporary life, the Institute brings about 35 scholars to India every year. These are both American citizens as well as non-American citizens resident in the United States. Of the latter group, many are Indian graduate students studying for Ph.D. degrees at American universities. Many of them return to India, where they assume faculty positions at Indian institutions. In turn, many Indian scholars are invited by member institutions of the American Institute of Indian Studies to lecture or participate in conferences. The Institute then facilitates their travel arrangements and can use its network of scholars across the United States to organize programs of lectures. Available to established scholars who have not previously specialized in Indian studies and to established professionals who have not previously worked or studied in India.

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