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Do you like working with both people and numbers? If so, accounting might be the career path for you. This popular major stresses communication and critical thinking skills while also teaching the art and science of number crunching. Also popular are accounting scholarships. Continue reading to find out more.

Accounting degree programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some programs stress applied knowledge while others favor theory-based instruction. Some programs are stand-alone 4-year bachelor's programs while others are 5-year combined bachelor and master's. Some programs feature an internship as a degree requirement while others do not. Be aware of your educational and vocational goals and make sure they match the educational outcomes of the program in question.

Typical courses you'll enroll in as an accounting major include taxation, financial statement analysis, auditing and information systems. Of course, also included will be beginning, intermediate and advanced accounting. If your program requires an internship you'll work as an accounting assistant in an actual business setting while receiving course credit. In addition to the core accounting courses you will also enroll in a number of liberal arts and humanities electives.

The majority of undergraduate accounting degree programs are designed to provide a generalized accounting education. If you want to specialize you'll have to wait to get to the graduate level. However, there are a small number of bachelor's programs with specific emphasis such as auditing or information systems. At the graduate level, the most popular degree program is the Master's of Business Administration in Accounting (MBA). Other graduate degree areas of concentration include cost accounting, forensic accounting and managerial accounting.

The career outlook for accountants is quite strong. Career options will be most robust for those with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification. Degree candidate interested in pursuing CPA status will need to complete 150 credit hours of course work. If becoming a CPA is part of your vocational goals, you'll probably want to select a combined bachelor's and master's degree program. The more traditional 4-year programs will not provide you with the academic stats you'll need to pursue certification.

Continue reading below to explore the many accounting scholarship possibilities.

NSA Scholarship Foundation

Who is eligible to apply? Applicants must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship:  Undergraduates enrolled part-time* or full-time in accounting at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university in the United States (*Applicants from Arizona must carry a minimum of 9 credit hours.) o Students in an accredited two-year college may apply following first semester grades or during their second year if transferring to a four-year institution, provided they are committed to a major in accounting throughout the remainder of their college career, or o Students in an accredited four-year college may apply for the scholarship for their second, third, or fourth year of studies, provided they are committed to a major in accounting throughout the remainder of their college career.  Majoring in accounting.  Maintaining a “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better grade point average.  A United States or Canadian citizen. (Permanent residents are NOT eligible to apply with the exception of applicants from Arizona. Legal residents from Arizona may apply.)  High School Seniors OR students not yet enrolled in an undergraduate accounting program are NOT eligible to receive NSA Scholarship Foundation Awards. No exceptions will be made.

Accountancy Board of Ohio Education Assistance Program

The Board has an education assistance program for students who can demonstrate financial need. The program is designed to reimburse tuition expenses for the fifth year of study required for CPA certification in Ohio. No funds can be paid if a student already qualifies for admission to the CPA examination. The Board sends grant payments directly to the college or university. To see if you qualify for tuition reimbursement assistance, please consult the education assistance checklist. There are two stages to the program: (1) education assistance commitment, and (2) education assistance grant. The requirements for the commitment are: Completion of the Commitment Application. Completion of at least 60 semester college credits as recorded by official transcript(s). Submission of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information. Since the Board requirement for CPA certification is not a graduate degree, graduate students must also submit parents' income and assets. If a student is approved for a commitment, the requirements for the grant are: Completion of the Grant Application. Completion of at least 120 semester college credits as recorded by official transcript(s). Submission of the invoice from the college or university for the upcoming term for which the student wishes to receive grant funds. Submission of the class schedule from the college or university for the upcoming term for which the student wishes to received grant funds. NOTE: The grant is normally prorated over two semesters or three quarters. If the grant extends for more than one term, the grades from the prior term are required in order to receive a subsequent grant payment. Part-time students are eligible for a partial grant based upon the classes scheduled for the term.

Masters Grant Program

For students with an Undergraduate degree in accounting. Amount: Ranges from $500 to $1,000 Requirements: Must have an undergraduate degree in accounting and be in the process of obtaining a master's degree in accounting or its equivalent.

Women in Need Scholarship

Criteria: 1. Must be pursuing a degree in accounting. 2. Must be a female student. 3. Must be at least a junior. 4. Must have become the sole source of support for self and family due to a divorce or death of a spouse. Women who are single parents as a result of other circumstances will also be considered. Contact Information: Students interested in applying for this scholarship should view for more information and an application form.

Ford/UNCF Corporate Scholars Program

Scholarship Value: up to $5,000 Classifications: Undergraduate Sophomore Minimum GPA: 3.0 Eligible Majors: Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Eligible Schools: Selected HBCUs and majority institutions Eligible Locations: Open Scholarship Detail: This program is designed to provide selected African American college students a unique educational opportunity through scholarships and networking opportunities with Ford Motor Company. In addition to the online application, each applicant must provide an official transcript, an essay detailing his/her personal and professional goals, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member and a resume. These materials are uploadable to the online application; applications must be submitted electronically on set due date. Students who have participated in the Ford Motor Companys PAS program are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. Donor/Sponsor Name: Ford Motor Company Fund Donor/Sponsor URL: Please check the website for the availability of this scholarship.

Louis V. Messner Memorial Scholarship in Accounting

One award for $600 is awarded to a currently enrolled junior majoring in accounting, with a cumulative 3.0 GPA, must demonstrate financial need as determined by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

Dave Jenkins Scholarship

Eligibility: • Must be Accounting major GPA: 3.0

Washington CPA Foundation Scholarships

The Washington Society of CPAs makes a difference in the professional lives of Certified Public Accountants by supporting accounting students and in its role as the advocate of CPAs in Washington State. The Washington CPA Foundation helps people in the following ways: * Awarding $41,500 in scholarships awarded to 25 accounting students. * Supporting the Accounting Doctoral Scholars (ADS) program - $10,000/year for 5 years * Supports the WSCPA's Financial Literacy efforts - educating thousands of Washingtonians, students to adults

Mapes and Miller CPAs Accounting Scholarship

Eligibility: 1. Declared intent to pursue Master's of Accountancy or MBA with concentration in Accounting as of the fall semester or a double major to accrue 150 hours with a concentration in accounting. 2. Overall GPA of 3.0. 3. Desire to pursue a career in public accounting preferably in western Kansas. 4. Recipient will be selected by the College of Business and Leadership Scholarship Committee.

Fischer Family Fund

This scholarship fund was established by Dr. Frank H. Fischer to provide scholarships to eligible recipients pursuing an associate degree in business or accounting.

P.H.S. Business Scholarship

Scholarship for a Plymouth High School Senior relating to business.

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