Scholarships of county 'Brown' within Wisconsin

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Charlotte Peterson Elementary and Jr. High Camp Scholarships

Six scholarships are awarded annually, based upon an essay contest, to attend a week-long Nature Adventure Camp at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station near Stevens Point, Wisconsin. While at camp, students learn about the environment while enjoying such activities as hiking, overnight wilderness camping, canoeing and environmental exploration.To apply, students from Geneva Lake Area grade schools are invited to submit an essay of 200 words or less on the given topic. Three winners will be chosen from the 9 - 11 age group and three winners chosen from the 11-13 age group. Essays will be judged 60% for content, 20% for neatness and 20% on grammar. All essays must be submitted to Geneva Lake Environmental Agency, P.O. Box 914, Williams Bay, WI 53191, and postmarked no later than March 1. Each contestant must include their name, address, phone number, age, grade, school, and choice of camp session.U.W. Stevens Point´s Central Wisconsin Environmental Station's Nature Adventure Camps are a series of one-week summer camps. The objective of the camp programs is to develop an understanding and appreciation for the natural environment. Nature and ecological study are combined with activities such as canoeing, camping and swimming. Essay contest winners will receive scholarships to attend one of the Adventure Camps. To obtain an application or to receive a list of camp options, please contact the GLEA at (262) 245-4532. Winners will be notified by mail.