Scholarships of county 'St. louis' within Minnesota

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Bernard B. and Mary L. Brusin Scholarship Fund

Bernard B. Brusin and Mary L. Brusin Scholarship Fund, established as a memorial, provides renewable scholarships to Jewish and Roman Catholic students for college or vocational training.Application Instructions:Graduating seniors in the top 25% of their graduating class who are residents of St. Louis County may apply. Applicants must be either Jewish or Roman Catholic. Students should complete and submit in the DSACF Common Application by the deadline day. A complete application will also include an academic transcript (including standardized test scores), recommendations (from at least one educator and one clergy) and financial need documentation.Selection Criteria:The Scholarship Committee of the Community Foundation will select individual scholarship recipients. They will base their decision on the applicant’s financial need, academic record, written recommendations and seriousness of purpose.Awards Given from the Fund:One or more scholarships (of about $5000/year), co-payable to the student and institution will be awarded each year. Generally, this annual award is divided into two installments- half for fall, half for spring- and is renewable for up to four years, assuming proper academic progress (2.5 or higher GPA) is maintained.

Fred C. and Mary H. Lewis Scholarship Fund

Fred C. and Mary H. Lewis Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for deserving and needy students who could not otherwise afford to attend Marshall School, a private college preparatory school in Duluth, Minnesota.Awards Given from the Fund:Awards are made payable to the Marshall school to be distributed to students who have applied for and been selected to attend the Marshall school on a scholarship.