Scholarships of county 'Waldo' within Maine

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Cobe Connects Award

Cobe Connects is a partnership with eligible students to support school-sponsored, curriculum-based, educational opportunities during the academic year for which funding is not otherwise available. Maximum award is $500 and $250 for class trips, and each applicant is expected to share the cost of the opportunity. Preference is given to students who have not received a Cobe Connects award in the current academic year. Eligibility is based on the guidelines on the application. Curriculum-based educational opportunities include but are not limited to: enrollment in an early-college program; participation in class trips (maximum award $250); purchase of educational supplies; and summer school tuition. Please contact the Maine Community Foundation if you have questions concerning a specific opportunity. Proposals are reviewed once a month and awards will generally be made within thirty days of receipt of the application. Awards are not retroactive. Payment will be made to the school sponsoring the program/activity.Contact: Waldo County schools or Maine Community Foundation

Ruth P. Field Scholarship

The Ruth P. Field Scholarship Fund was established in 1997 to provide scholarship support to graduates of Islesboro Central School who are either graduating seniors and residents of Islesboro requiring financial assistance to pursue full-time technical or vocational education or graduates who require financial assistance for their second, third, or fourth years of technical or vocational education.Contact: Islesboro Central School guidance office

Islesboro Teachers' Association Scholarship

The Islesboro Teachers’ Association Scholarship Fund was established in the 1994-95 school year. The fund supports graduates of or graduating seniors of Islesboro Central School who wish to further their education by pursuing post-secondary courses of study. Applicants must be permanent residents of Islesboro. Magnet students must have attended three consecutive years at and graduated from Islesboro Central School.Contact: Islesboro Central School guidance office

Bettie H. MacRae Scholarship

The Bettie H. MacRae Scholarship Fund supports residents of Islesboro who are adult learners (age 23 and over) going to school to pursue career-related education. This might include certificate programs and college classes (but not at the graduate level). Preference will be given to female applicants demonstrating a determination to succeed and for whom a scholarship would make a significant difference in their ability to attend the program of their choice.Bettie was raised in Florida and California and lived for many years in Pennsylvania. Later in her life, she found her way to Islesboro and lived on the island for 35 years, initially during the summer and later as a year-round resident. Her life was characterized by a deep interest in arts and culture. She befriended and provided for many. Bettie nurtured a deep love of nature, loved living near the ocean and cultivating a lifelong knowledge and appreciation for trees, plants and flowers. This memorial scholarship fund is created by Bettie's three children, Pamela, Charlotte and Christopher, and is directed to the year-round community of Islesboro in appreciation for the many quiet kindnesses of friendship offered to Bettie over the years.Contact: Islesboro Town Office

Dorothy Kinnicutt Parish Scholarship

The Dorothy Kinnicutt Parish Scholarship Fund was established in 1996 to provide scholarship support to current and past graduates of Islesboro Central School seeking to pursue post-secondary education at an accredited college, university, or community college.Contact: Islesboro Central School guidance office