Davidson Fellowships

Scholarship Description

To be eligible for the Davidson Fellowship, each applicant must:  - Be a U.S. citizen or a permanent U.S. resident - Be under the age of 18 on October 1.  Individuals born on or   before October 1, 1986 are not eligible.  There is no minimum age   for eligibility.  - Have completed a prodigious work in one of the following categories:                                      Science, Technology, Mathematics, Music - Composer, Vocalist, Classical Instrumentalist or Jazz Instrumentalist, Literature, Philosophy, Outside the Box - a combination of Science, Technology or Mathematics AND Music, Literature or Philosophy.  - Be able to demonstrate that the work is the applicant’s own creation.  Guidance from teachers and mentors is acceptable, as long as the   work is the applicant’s.  - Be available to attend, with a parent/guardian, the awards reception   and other recognition events to be held in Washington, DC in Sept.

Year of Need: College Freshman,


Num Awards: 3

Min Award:

Max Award:

Deadline: 2022-03-26


Sponsoring Organization Davidson Institute for Talent Development
9665 Gateway Drive Suite B
Reno, NV 89521

Contact Person: Program Manager

Phone: 775-852-3483

Fax: 775-852-2184