Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship

Scholarship Description

This scholarship was designed to be available to individuals who have had childhood cancer and either live in or were treated in Colorado or who have attended Camp Rainbow in Arizona.  The criteria on which determination of awards is made will be as follows:  * High school grade point average * SAT or ACT test scores * Information provided by the doctor, clinic or hospital where you were treated * Information provided by two other people, other than a family member, in the form of a letter of reference * How you answer the two questions given on the application

Year of Need: College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior, College 5th Year,


Num Awards: 1 or more

Min Award:

Max Award: 2500

Deadline: 2022-03-15


Sponsoring Organization Stephen T. Marchello Scholarship Foundation
1170 E. Long Place
Littleton, CO 80122

Contact Person:

Phone: 303-798-0406