Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity Program

Scholarship Description

The Minnesota/Wisconsin reciprocity agreement allows Wisconsin residents to attend Minnesota public universities at in-state tuition rates.

This online reciprocity application is designed for Wisconsin residents attending Minnesota public institutions. The online reciprocity application is the easiest way to apply for reciprocity benefits. However, if you prefer not to apply online, a hard copy of the application is available for download. Minnesota residents should apply through the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.

Students attending a Minnesota stand-alone Technical College SHOULD NOT USE THE APPLICATION. Instead, apply directly to the college. Private colleges do NOT participate in the tuition reciprocity program because they do not charge non-resident tuition rates.

How To Apply

Complete the application IN FULL and submit. Students enrolled under reciprocity who earned credits that were reported by the institution to the WHEAB during any semester of the current academic year, will automatically have benefits renewed for the upcoming academic year at the institution they are currently attending. Therefore, these students need not reapply. If you, or the institution where you are enrolled, do not receive notification of your renewal status within three weeks of your application, please contact the Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board.


The application deadline is the last day of classes at the institution you are or will be attending for the term benefits are needed. Applications WILL NOT be processed retroactively. If you wish to participate in the program for the entire academic year, your application must be correctly completed and submitted by the last day of scheduled classes in the fall term at the institution you are or will be attending.

Who Is Eligible

Wisconsin residents attending Minnesota public institutions and Minnesota residents attending Wisconsin public institutions are eligible. Professional students enrolling in a Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Dental Sciences, or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program in the public institutions of either state are ineligible for reciprocity tuition.

Notification of Acceptance

You will receive the results of your application within four to six weeks after you have applied. If you do not receive results within six weeks, you should assume your application was not properly submitted and apply again.

Application For Admission

Application to the Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity Program does not constitute application for admission to an educational institution. Regardless of your eligibility for tuition reciprocity, you must still apply and qualify for admission to the school of your choice, following the procedures required by that institution.

Year of Need: College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior,


Num Awards: Varies

Min Award: Varies

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2019-12-31


Sponsoring Organization Wisconsin Higher Educational Aids Board
P.O. Box 7885 131 West Wilson Street, Suite 902
Madison, WI 537077885

Contact Person: Peter Zammuto Grant Specialist - Minnesota-Wisconsin Tuition Reciprocity Program

Phone: 608-267-2209

Fax: 608-267-2808