AFAR Fellowship Awards

Scholarship Description

Applicants in degree programs must be undergraduate, graduate, or pre-doctoral students at colleges or universities in the United States.  No awards are made to those who have already attained an M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., D.V.M., etc.  Applicants must be actively involved or be planning active involvement in a specific biomedical or biochemical research project in the field of aging.  The individuals most often chosen utilize modern and innovative approaches and technologies.  Molecular and cellular biology, immunology, cancer, neurobiology, biochemistry, and molecular biophysics are all approaches deemed of interest to AFAR.  Sociological, psychological, and health-professional related (physical therapy, exercise physiology, etc.) research in the field is currently not being funded.

Year of Need: College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior, College 5th Year, 1st Year Grad, 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad, Beyond 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: Varies

Min Award: 500

Max Award: 1000

Deadline: 2021-12-31


Sponsoring Organization American Foundation for Aging Research
North Carolina State University 128 Polk Hall, Box 7622
Raleigh, NC 276957622

Contact Person: Biochemistry Department

Phone: 919-515-5679

Fax: 919-515-2047