Army Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Flwp Program

Scholarship Description

Before appointment, each participant must present evidence of having received a Ph.D., Sc.D., or other earned research doctoral degree recognized in U.S. academic circles as equivalent to a Ph.D.  Fellows are selected based on their overall qualifications and technical proposal addressing specific needs defined by ARL.  The selected participants will work in a unique Army laboratory environment, while interacting with senior ARL scientists and engineers.  ASEE will hold reviews of applicants to the Fellowship Program on a continual basis.  Fellowships are awarded for one year, however, Fellows may participate for a second and third year.  Applicants are advised to plan their research programs to confirm to a one year appointment.  Most opportunities for research at ARL Directorates are open to citizens of the U.S. and to legal permanent residents.  However, in some Directorates, certain opportunities for research are open only to U.S. citizens.  Although opportunities are limited to unclassified research, all guest investigators, including Postdoctoral Fellows, are subject to Army regulations governing visiting scientists.  ARL cannot sponsor applicants for its Research Associateship programs who are citizens of countries whose policies have been determined to be inimical to U.S. interests.  Prospective non-U.S. applicants who are uncertain of their eligibility are advised to contact the Associateship Programs Office at ARL before submitting a formal application.

Year of Need:

Type: Merit Based

Num Awards: Varies

Min Award: Notspecified

Max Award:

Deadline: 2022-12-31


Sponsoring Organization American Society for Engineering Education
1818 N Street, N.W. Suite 600
Washington, DC 200362479

Contact Person: Army Research Laboratory Postdoctoral Flwp Program

Phone: 202-331-3525

Fax: 202-265-8504