Scientist Development Grant

Scholarship Description

This grant is designed to support highly promising beginning scientists in their progress toward independence; bridges the gap between completion of research training and readiness for competition as an independent investigator.  - 4-year project and salary support for MD’s, PhD’s, DO’s or persons   with equivalent doctoral degrees - U.S. citizen or permanent resident - $65,000 annually for salary, fringe benefits, indirect costs, and project costs (at least $35,000 for project support)  - Applications may be submitted for reveiw in final year of postdoctoral   research fellowship or in initial years of first faculty appointment - Applicants cannot hold or have held any other national award

Year of Need: Beyond 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: Approximately 70

Min Award: 65000

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2019-01-17


Sponsoring Organization American Heart Association
National Center 7272 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75231

Contact Person: Division of Research Administration

Phone: (888) 242-2453 / (214) 570-5935

Fax: 214-706-1341