Yale R. Burge Competition

Scholarship Description

Open to all students in their final year of undergraduate study enrolled in at least a three year program of interior design.  The competition is designed to encourage students to seriously plan their portfolios.  Portfolio components, submitted on slides, may be as few as eight but are not to exceed twelve.  These Best of Work components may include work as diverse a lighting plan, graphic, sketch, furniture, or cabinetry detail, paper flow chart, or life-cycle clost analysis presentation, as well as the more usual furniture layout, color board, and perspective rendering.  Any one of these items equals one component.  Any combination of these components may be used but under no circumstance may the total exceed twelve components.  Judges will evaluate presentation skills, design and planning competency, and conceptual creativity.

Year of Need: College Junior, College Senior,


Num Awards: 2

Min Award: 250

Max Award: 500

Deadline: 2022-03-09


Sponsoring Organization American Society of Interior Designers
608 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 200026006

Contact Person: ASID Educational Foundation

Phone: 202-546-3480

Fax: 202-546-3240