M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship

Scholarship Description

Deadline June 1st every year.
To enable women to return to physics research careers after having had to interrupt those careers. The fellowship consists of a one-year award of up to $45,000 (applicants can apply in a subsequent year for one additional year of support). Allowed expenses include dependent care (limited to 50% of the award), salary, travel, equipment, and tuition and fees.  Overhead charges by the institution are not allowed.

Eligibility & Selection Criteria
Applicants must:
Currently be a citizen, legal resident, or resident alien of the United States or Canada.
Have completed work toward a PhD.
Provide written proof from a U.S. or Canadian institution that the applicant will have institutional affiliation during the tenure of the grant.  Institutional affiliation at the time of application is not necessary.

In selecting fellowship recipients, the following criteria will be considered:
Qualifications of applicant,
Status of career before break,
Steps the applicant has taken to return to physics research,
Relationship of the applicant to the research community,
Relationship of project and award to future plans,
Scholarly significance of the project,
Quality and feasibility of the project design and timeline.

Year of Need: Beyond 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: 1

Min Award:

Max Award: 45,000

Deadline: 2022-12-31


Sponsoring Organization APS Physics
1 Physics Ellipse
College Park, MD 20740-3844

Contact Person:

Phone: (301) 209-3231

Fax: (301) 209-0865