Bradley Krueger Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Description

We are proud to announce that we are now accepting submissions for the Bradley Krueger Memorial Scholarship. Brad’s family started this fund to help other people with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders achieve a higher education—to live a full and productive life.

It is available for people with a bleeding disorder, parents, siblings, children and/or carriers living in the state of Illinois. Scholarship(s) can be used for tuition for any type of post-secondary institution – including trade schools, room and board, books, and supplies (including computer equipment).
Scholarship(s) will not be paid to the individual – must be paid to an educational institution or in the case of
supplies directly to the vendor. Applications will be accepted until July 1 and are available on the web site The Committee has made up to $5,000 available for scholarships this year which will be
awarded at the BDAII Annual Meeting in August.

In addition to the application please include:
 High School Transcripts and College Transcripts if any coursework has already commenced.
 Two Letters of Recommendation – one from: someone who knows your potential as a student, for example a teacher, guidance counselor or employer. Another recommendation from someone who knows you personally, for example a doctor, nurse, social worker, friend of the family or community leader. These letters should support your candidacy by addressing your goal orientation, drive and motivation.
 Completion of Essay Questions - Keep the essay simple, focus on the most important information.
This will eliminate the need for additional letters or materials

Year of Need: College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior,


Num Awards: Multiple

Min Award: Varies

Max Award: 5,000

Deadline: 2019-12-31


Sponsoring Organization Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois
210 S. DesPlaines St.
Chicago, IL 60661-5500

Contact Person:

Phone: 312-427-1495

Fax: 312-427-1602


Email: /