NACA Multicultural Scholarship Program

Scholarship Description

The Multicultural Scholarship Program is part of the NACA Foundation’s affirmative action effort to increase the participation of ethnic minority individuals in the field of campus activities. The program is designed to provide economic assistance to qualified under-represented programmers, allowing them to attend NACA-sponsored training workshops, regional conferences and National Conventions.

All scholarship recipients will be selected by an anonymous Scholarship Committee appointed by the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Applicants are to be identified as members of the Black, Latina/Latino, Native American, Asian American, or Pacific Islander ethnic minorities. NACA® membership is not a prerequisite for applicant consideration.

Application Procedures:
In order to apply for an NACA® Foundation Multicultural Scholarship, the following materials must be
received in the NACA® Office by May 1
 A completed application form
 At least one letter of recommendation from someone well acquainted with the applicant which should address his/her involvement in student activities and potential in the field.
This recommendation should also affirm his/her ethnic minority status, financial need, and that he/she will be in the campus activities field at least one year following the program for which a scholarship is being sought

Recipients must submit a brief report (350-600 words) that describes the program and specifies how it met their professional development objectives to NACA following the program. The report must be submitted within 30 days of completion of the program.

Year of Need: College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior, 1st Year Grad, 2nd Year Grad,

Type: Needs Based

Num Awards: Multiple

Min Award: Varies

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2020-12-31


Sponsoring Organization National Association for Campus Activities
13 Harbison Way
Columbia, SC 29212

Contact Person: Morgan Grant Scholarships Officer

Phone: 803-217-3471

Fax: 803-749-1047


Email: /