Gilberto and Lennetta Pesquera Medical Scholarships

Scholarship Description

The Glens Falls Foundation Gilberto and Lennetta Pesquera Fund offers scholarship grants for medical education on an annual basis to assist qualified men and women who have graduated from local area schools and have successfully completed the first year of medical school. The current amount for each grant is $4,000 per year.These grants are restricted to tuition, fees, books and supplies. The payments are remitted directly to the educational institution for credit to the student’s account.All applications received on or before the due date will be referred to the Pesquera Scholarship Committee for evaluation and rating. Grants will be awarded on academic performance and achievements, financial needs and a letter of recommendation relating to character, motivation and potential of the individual.Applicants must request the Office of Student Records to provide a copy of their current school academic record to the Committee Chairman. The record may be mailed under separate cover.In addition, each applicant is required to attach a letter from the Dean stating that completion of the current year has been achieved and that the student will continue next year. A letter from the applicant should indicate their academic and occupational career goals, interests and activities, plus any other information deemed pertinent to support the student’s application. All personal summaries and data must be typed or printed. Failure to furnish the requested documentation with your application will void its eligibility.

Year of Need: 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad, Beyond 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: Multiple

Min Award: Varies

Max Award: 4000

Deadline: 2019-06-24


Sponsoring Organization Glens Falls Foundation
237 Glen Street
Glen Falls, NY 12801

Contact Person: The application must be typed or printed, mailed and postmarked to the Chairman, Pesquera Medical Scholarship Committee, 7764 Lake Shore Drive, Silver Bay, NY 12874-1703.

Phone: 518-761-7350

Fax: 518-798-8620