Pursuit Scholarship Competition

Pursuit will award four scholarships to incoming Freshmen, Sophomores, or Juniors enrolled in an American university or community college who produce a video (maximum 5 minutes) or write an essay (maximum 2500 words) on one or a combination of the following topics.

  • Generational Theft: How the national debt, unfunded liabilities, and generational theft affects your generation.
  • Government Accountability: The importance of transparency and oversight in the federal government.
  • A Well-Informed Public Through Objective Information:  The importance of young Americans engaging in American politics, understanding our history, civics, and free enterprise system, and the value of a well-informed public.

    Min Award: $500
    Max Award: $1000

    Deadline: 2018-08-01

    Sponsoring Organization
    P.O. Box 52351
    Tulsa, OK 74152

    Phone: 314-255-9489


Contact Name: Adam Kazda