The Purpose Challenge

An innovative and inspiring new online tool, The Purpose Challenge, draws on decades of research into the roots
and benefits of purpose. The toolkit incorporates video content, reading materials, and brief written exercises –
such as imagining your ideal life at age 40 – to help high school seniors reflect on and refine their sense of
purpose. Additionally, it contains step-by-step guidance on how to write a meaningful college essay,
along with providing sample essays for review. Teens can then inject their newly fleshed out sense of purpose
in their college application essay and win up to $25,000 for college!

Current Grade Level: High school senior
Year of Need: College Freshman

Num Awards: 6

Min Award: 5,000
Max Award: 25,000

Deadline: 2018-02-01

Sponsoring Organization
ProSocial Consulting
1625 Stanford St
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: 310-826-0123

Contact Name: Laura Rivas