Vertical Measures Digital Marketing Scholarship

Our team is pleased to announce the Vertical Measures Digital Marketing Scholarship. A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded bi-annually to students in the United States interested in pursuing an education in digital marketing.

At Vertical Measures, one of our core values is Improve Each Day, and we aim to help our community improve, as well. The goal of our scholarship is to put eager learners in a position to grow their careers.

The deadline for the first scholarship is March 31 and the deadline for the second scholarship is September 30.

The process will require a video submission that will be reviewed by our Founder & CEO, Arnie Kuenn.

Important points to know:

Grades: There is no minimum SAT/ACT or GPA required
Residency requirement: United States resident
Video Submission Criteria:
5-minute max

Questions to answer:
What are your career goals?
Why are you interested in digital marketing?
What will the landscape look like in the future?
How do you plan on shaping the industry?

Amount: $1,000 awarded twice annually

Sponsoring Organization
Vertical Measures
11201 N Tatum Blvd #350
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Phone: (602) 314-3460


Contact Name: Matt Wattel