F.M. Becket Memorial Award - Summer Fellowship

Scholarship Description

The award, in the form of a fellowship, is given to assist a student during the summer months (June-September) in the pursuit of work in a field of interest to The Electrochemical Society.

Candidates Qualifications
The award shall be made without regard to sex, citizenship, race or financial need. It shall be made to a graduate student pursuing work between the degrees of B.S. and Ph. D. in a college or university, and who will continue his or her studies after the summer period. A previous holder of the award is eligible for reappointment. Qualifications shall not be waived in case no candidate qualifies for the award within any one calendar year; instead, the funds normally allotted shall then be added to the investment capital for the awards. It is intended that the recipient should feel he or she is uniquely an ECS Summer Fellow during the period of his or her fellowship; to this end, he or she is required to not hold other named fellowships.

A brief resume or abstract of 100-150 words concerning work performed shall be submitted to the Society by the recipient at the end of the award period, suitable for publication in The Electrochemical Society Interface. Acknowledgment shall be made of an ECS Summer Fellowship Award (Weston, Fink, Richards, or Becket) in any formal publication based on research to which this award period contributed.

Selection of Candidates
The Chair of the Education Committee shall appoint a subcommittee consisting of five members and one Chair who are on the academic staff of a school of higher learning. The members of the Committee shall be selected, if possible, from various regions of the world. Members should not be restricted to any one region. It is up to the sole judgment of the subcommittee to select candidates and to notify the Chair of the Education Committee of its selection by March 15. Announcement about the award shall be made at least 4 months prior to the deadline for receipt of applications in a Society publication that is distributed to all members. The deadline for receipt of applications shall be January 15.

Presented: annually, but are not given at a meeting
Contents: certificates, and a fellowship amount decided by Board of Directors to be divided among recipients (currently $5,000 for each award)
Lecture: verbal presentation not required. However, the submission of a summer research summary report is required for publication in Winter Interface.
Begin Call for nominations: summer of every year.
Nomination deadline: January 15 of every year

Year of Need: College Senior, 1st Year Grad, 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: 1

Min Award: 5,000

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2018-12-31


Sponsoring Organization The Electrochemical Society
65 South Main St. Building D
Pennington, NJ 08534

Contact Person: Summer Fellowships

Phone: 609-737-1902

Fax: 609-737-2743