Omicron Nu Research Fellowship

Scholarship Description

Awarded annually for doctoral research from the Omicron Nu Fellowship Fund.  Criteria for selection:  * Current (active) membership in Kappa Omicron Nu.  * Enrollment and progress in a doctoral program in home economics or   one of the specializations in a university that has a strong research   program   with supporting disciplines in the area of research interest.  * Demonstrated ability in graduate school.  * Demonstrated interest and competence in research.  * Relevance of study and/or research to significant concerns related   to home and family.  * Potential for professional leadership.

Year of Need: 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: Varies

Min Award: 2000

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2018-01-15


Sponsoring Organization Kappa Omicron Nu
4990 Northwind Drive Suite 140
East Lansing, MI 488235031

Contact Person: Fellowships Grants

Phone: 517-351-8335

Fax: 517-351-8336