Light Metals Division Scholarship

Scholarship Description

Three $4,000 cash award scholarships are available to undergraduate students majoring in the study of nonferrous metallurgy.  The recipients of the TMS/LMD Scholarships will be chosen by a specially appointed selection committee of the TMS Student Affairs Committee.  The scholarship recipients will be known as LMD Scholars.  A $4,000 stipend will be awarded to each recipient, preferably at the site of the TMS Annual Meeing during the Light Metals Division Luncheon.  Additionally, the scholarship recipients will be given the opportunity of selecting uo tp $300 in LMD-sponsored conference proceedings or textbooks to be donated to the recipient’s college or university in his/her name and up to $400 in books for the award recipient.  Up to $600 for travel expenses to the TMS Annual Meeting to accept the award will be given to each recipient. Preference will be given to undergraduate applicants in their junior or senior year, enrolled full time in a non-ferrous metallurgy program, and to individuals who have participated in a relevant industrial co-op program.  The following criteria will be assessed by the Scholarship Selection Committee to select the recipients of this scholarship:  - Scholarship Application - Academic Achievement - Activities in and out of school, including work experience - Leadership - Personal Profile Statement - Letters of Recommendation All applicants must be TMS student members.  Students not currently holding memberships may enclose with their scholarship entry a completed membership application, with dues payment, to become eligible.  Students from any country are eligible.  Applicants must be enrolled full time in a metallurgical/materials science engineering program at a qualified college or university.  Relative of members of the TMS Student Affairs Committee or of the funding committee/ division are not eligible. 

Year of Need: College Junior, College Senior,

Type: Merit Based

Num Awards: 3

Min Award: 4000

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2018-05-01


Sponsoring Organization The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society
184 Thorn Hill Road
Warrendale, PA 150867514

Contact Person: TMS Student Awards Program

Phone: 412-776-9000

Fax: 412-776-3770