Global Business Diversity Scholarship

Scholarship Description

S P Jain School of Global Management provides tuition grants for its tri-city business degrees, both undergraduate and graduate. All students live in 3 cities:  Singapore, Dubai and Sydney, Australia, and earn degrees in international business (marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, e-business, family business, etc.). Awards can be for full tuition, depending on qualification, but students must pay their own living expenses, transportation, and other fees. These “diversity” scholarships are designed to attract “international” students, meaning that applicants do NOT come from India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, nor are they of Indian parentage. We are especially interested in attracting students from North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Russia and Central Asia, to strengthen the global nature of our student population.

Candidates must:
*  Have a strong academic record (top 20% of high school or college class)
*  Have a keen interest in international business
*  Have excellent English skills (spoken, written, listening), as all classes are in English
*  Be independent and adventurous, as you will be living in 3 countries
*  Be of high ethical character
*  Use scholarship funds to pay for tuition at S P Jain School of Global Management
*  Hold a high school diploma (if applying for a bachelor’s program), and a college/university diploma in any subject (if applying for a masters program)

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To apply for a Global Business Leader Diversity Scholarship, write to indicating your (a) nationality and (b) preference for bachelors or masters program.

Please note that there is NO FEE for application, either for admission to S P Jain or for a scholarship. We do not require SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Year of Need: College Freshman, College Sophomore,


Num Awards: 50 per year

Min Award: Varies

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2018-12-31


Sponsoring Organization S P Jain School of Global Mgmt
1623 Taylor Lane
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Contact Person: Alesa Lightbourne, PhD

Phone: 6503806362