Larson Aquatic Research Support (LARS) Scholarship

Scholarship Description

Provides support for doctoral and masters students interested in careers in the fields of corrosion control, treatment and distribution of domestic and industrial water supplies, aquatic chemistry, and/or environmental chemistry.

Specific Eligibility/Support:

Awarded annually, will provide one-time funding for two scholarships:
$5,000 for a master’s student
$7,000 for a doctoral student
Additional judges will be provided by the Aquatic Chemistry Section of the Illinois State Water Survey

Year of Need: 1st Year Grad, 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad, Beyond 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: 2

Min Award: 5,000

Max Award: 7,000

Deadline: 2018-12-31


Sponsoring Organization American Water Works Association
6666 W. Quincy Ave.
Denver, CO 80235

Contact Person: Linda Moody, AWWA Scholarship Coordinator

Phone: 303-347-6201/303-794-7711 or 800-926-7337

Fax: 303-7974-6303


Email: /