Voices Republic Ambassador Scholarship

Scholarship Description

Voices Republic is sponsoring a unique scholarship opportunity that we feel may be a good fit for the art and design students visiting your site. If you are open to explore this opportunity and present it to students, please read on for details.

The scholarship stems from our Intern Republic. This exclusive intern program will help shape aspects of the launch communications and content of Voices Republic—a unique site focused on community-created projects. More importantly, it provides a $500 scholarship to one participant and other prizing to the most active people on the site.

We will be selecting between 50 and 100 art and design students who are socially outgoing to join this program. We are targeting students majoring in any art-related field to be key contributors to the site and give honest feedback to Voices Republic about the site user experience.  For being a part of this hand-selected group, all Intern Republic participants will receive the following:

• Official certificate of participation signed by Voices Republic Creative Director
• Reference letter signed by Premise Partner, Gregg Witt (a leading youth marketing agency)
• Chance to work with Voices Republic and other national brands that partner w/projects
• Most importantly, students gain valuable experience shaping a new brand

Additionally, all members of the Intern Republic will be eligible to receive the Voices Republic Ambassador Scholarship for $500 that will be awarded at the end of the 90-day term. Also, there is $1,000 in bonus prizing that all interns that complete the program are in the running for.

We ask that the students in the internship remain as active on the site as they realistically can over the 90-day period, contributing theme ideas and project submissions (if they’re a creator), help us make the site better, and complete a basic survey at the end.

Year of Need:


Num Awards: 1

Min Award: 500

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2018-12-31


Sponsoring Organization Voices Republic
1945 B St. Suite A
San Diego, CA 92102

Contact Person: Vanessa Castle

Phone: 619.233.7979