California Jobs Daughters Foundation Inc. Scholarhships

Scholarship Description

California Jobs Daughter Foundation provides Academic/Vocational Scholarships for those who are graduating from high school in current award year or have graduated and wish to further their education. The Foundation will award as many scholarships as funds permit. At the present time, the Foundation gives one scholarship that is renewable. If a someone has previously received a Foundation scholarship, they cannot apply for another one at this time. Guidelines for Academic/Vocational Scholarships Applications 1. Requests for all California Jobs Daughter Foundation Scholarship application should be sent to: Mrs. Betty Klotz, Scholarship Chairman California Jobs Daughter Foundation 1228 Moss Rock Court Santa Rosa, CA 95404 2. State which scholarship you are applying for (academic or vocational). When application is received, follow all instructions that are included with the application form carefully and completely. Please do not allow your application to be disqualified because it is incomplete. 3. Transcripts and letters of recommendation from school personnel should be requested as early as possible. A letter of recommendation may be written by an instructor, counselor, Principal or Dean and must be on school letterhead. 4. It is important to submit a complete and professional application as possible. Consider this application a stepping-stone to your future success. 5. Application and Instructions may be downloaded from the Forms during the appropriate time.  Limited to residents of California.

Year of Need: College Freshman,


Num Awards: 14

Min Award: 500

Max Award: Varies

Deadline: 2018-12-31


Sponsoring Organization California Jobs Daughters Foundation ,Inc
303 W. Lincoln Ave., Ste. 210
Anaheim, CA 92805

Contact Person: Betty Klotz

Phone: 7144914994