American Thyroid Association Research Grants

Scholarship Description

The American Thyroid Association (ATA) is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support new investigator initiated research projects in the area of thyroid function and disease. Topics may include, but are not limited to, clinical thyroidology, thyroid autoimmunity, thyroid and the brain, thyroid hormone action and metabolism, and thyroid cell biology. Research awards are intended to assist new investigators in obtaining preliminary data for submission of a more substantial application (i.e., to the NIH). Research grants, up to $25,000 annually, will be awarded for two year terms based on receipt and review of a satisfactory progress report from funded investigators in the fourth quarter of the first year of funding.Guidelines for All Research Grant Proposals: As mentioned above, research awards are targeted for funding of new investigators to obtain preliminary data for submission of a more substantial application (i.e., to the NIH).Eligibility of Applicant and Use of Funds Guidelines:1. New investigators are individuals who are less than 6 years from completion of their post-doctoral fellowship and have never been a PI on an NIH RO1 or equivalent grant (recipients of NIH R29, R21 and KO8 awards are eligible).2. Faculty members (MD and PhD) are eligible.3. Postdoctoral fellows are eligible if their department provides written confirmation that at the time of the award the applicant will have a junior faculty position. Students working towards a PhD are not eligible.4. Investigators and individuals who have previously received ATA, ThyCa or THANC awards are not eligible. In general, investigators who have achieved the rank of associate professor or higher are not eligible.5. Applications are limited to one per individual researcher.6. The funds can be used for direct costs associated with the proposal, including technician’s salary, supplies or equipment but not for PI’s salary.7. Recipients of ATA grants should be ATA members or must apply to become ATA members. For new members, membership dues for the first year will be waived.

Year of Need: Beyond 3rd Year Grad,


Num Awards: Multiple

Min Award: Varies

Max Award: 25000

Deadline: 2018-01-31


Sponsoring Organization American Thyroid Association
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Falls Church, VA 22041

Contact Person:

Phone: 703-998-8890

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