NATIONAL ART Scholarship Contest

Scholarship Description

Rules and Guidelines:  1. Capture the spirit of the theme through representational, stylized, or abstract means of expression.  2. Acceptable media are watercolor, crayon, tempera, collage, pen and ink, and computer art. Artwork must be original and no larger than 24” by 30”. It must be produced on paper that can be duplicated, displayed or framed.  3. Artwork cannot contain wording, slogans, descriptions, narrative, etc. Artwork that may smudge must be fixed with a non-workable final fixative.  4. Submissions will be judged on originality, imaginative creativity, and meaningMailing Instructions:    1. Attach the entry form with tape or other fixative to the artwork. Sandwich the entry between two pieces of cardboard and strap packing tape around the edges to protect it during shipping. No paper clips.    2. Each entry must contain the student’s full name, complete address with zip code, telephone number, cell phone, and email address. Each entry must also contain the names of the principal, guidance counselor, along with school name, complete address with zip code, telephone number with area code, fax number with area code and school email address.    3. Entries will be penalized for missing information.    4. Mail artwork and entry for to:                                                  The Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation1201 Constitution AvenueThe Navy Yard Bldg. 649 Philadelphia, PA 19112-1307     5. Artwork will be returned only if a self-addressed envelope, box, or other packaging with correct postage is included with the entry.    6. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your entry for a list of winners, or check our website for an announcement of winners.

Year of Need: College Freshman,

Type: Merit Based

Num Awards: 3

Min Award: 500

Max Award: 1000

Deadline: 2018-12-31


Sponsoring Organization The Four Chaplains Memorial Foundation
1201 Constitution Avenue The Navy Yard Bldg. 649 
Philadelphia, PA 19112-1307

Contact Person:

Phone: 215-218-1943