International Fellowship in Jewish Studies and Jewish Culture

Scholarship Description

The purpose of the Foundation’s Fellowship program is to assist well-qualified individuals in carrying out an independent scholarly, literary or art project, in a field of Jewish specialization, which makes a significant contribution to the understanding,preservation, enhancement or transmission of Jewish culture.WHO IS ELIGIBLEAny qualified scholar, researcher or artist who possesses the knowledge and experience to formulate and implement a project in a field of Jewish specialization can apply for support.Grants are for one academic year. Applicants who wish to renew their grant for a second year must request renewal in writing and submit a new application by October 31st of the year in which their current grant is in effect. Ordinarily, no more than twogrants will be made to an individual.

Year of Need: 1st Year Grad, 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad, Beyond 3rd Year Grad,

Type: Merit Based

Num Awards: 1

Min Award: Varies

Max Award: 10000

Deadline: 2017-10-31


Sponsoring Organization Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture
50 Broadway, 34th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Contact Person:

Phone: (212) 425-6606

Fax: (212) 425-6602