Jerry Robinson - Inweld Corporation Scholarship

Scholarship Description

The purpose for this scholarship is to provide financial assistance to those individuals, with significant financial need, interested in pursuing a career in welding. The scholarship is available to the recipient for a maximum of four years, based on GPA requirement, full time attendance, and welding curriculum. Eligibility The Jerry Robinson - Inweld Corporation Scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student pursuing a minimum four-year bachelors degree in a welding program at an accredited university. All applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements. * Applicant must be a minimum of eighteen years of age as of October 1 of the year the scholarship is awarded. * Applicant must have a minimum high school diploma or G. E. D. in the year the scholarship is awarded. * Applicant must have a 2.5 overall grade point average. * Applicant must provide an essay as to why the funds are needed, how the scholarship would change his/her life, how it would allow him/her to further the joining sciences. * Student must be accepted at the specified university/college, and attend full-time. * Proof of financial need is required to qualify. Copies of student and parents/guardians previous year tax returns will be required. Student must provide proof that other financial aid has been applied for. * Applicant must submit all required application information. * Applicant must be a citizen of the United States and plan to attend an academic institution located within the United States. * Applicants may reapply; however, persons who have received this award will automatically be eligible to be granted the award for a maximum of four years. * This award is renewable for a maximum of four years. However, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to provide proof of the required designated GPA, full time attendance, and appropriate approved curriculum to continue receipt of scholarship. Deadline for the receipt of the final college transcript, proof of attendance, and proof of major will be July 1 of each year. Failure to provide this information by July 1 will result in the recipient being deemed ineligible for future awards. The award will be presented to individuals nationwide. Applicant does not have to be a member of the American Welding Society. The AWS Foundation does not discriminate by age, race, color, national origin, disability, creed, or gender. Selection Applicant will be chosen by the Named Scholarship Selection Committee comprised of five (5) members, which have been selected by the National Educational Scholarship Committee. Selection committee will determine award recipient in May of each year. Awards One $2,500 award will be given annually. No awards will be paid to the recipient. All awards are for tuition and books only, and will be paid directly to the academic institution by the AWS Foundation. Deadline Deadline for application is January 15, for the following Fall Term. (Please confirm the deadline before filing an application.)

Year of Need: College Freshman, College Sophomore, College Junior, College Senior,

Type: Needs Based

Num Awards: 1

Min Award: 2500

Max Award: 2500

Deadline: 2018-01-15


Sponsoring Organization AWS Foundation
550 N.W. Lejeune Rd.
Miami, FL 33126-5649

Contact Person:


Fax: FAX: 305-443-7559