Scholarships of county 'Santa clara' within California

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Some states or counties have hundreds of scholarships for which you may qualify.
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Sarah Gomez Erlach Scholarship Fund

Applicants must be Hispanic, U.S. citizens or U.S. residents attending Santa Clara University. The applicants must be bilingual, bicultural nursing students currently enrolled in nursing programs in Santa Clara County having shown sensitivity and commitment to the Hispanic community. Applicants must have met a minimum grade point average in the nursing program attending.

San Jose G.I. Forum Scholarship

This scholarship is available to Hispanic students with demonstrated financial need. Applicants must be residents of San Jose, CA. Consideration is given to academic achievement, financial need, general leadership abilities, and career aspirations. Applicants must be graduating from a Santa Clara County high school at the time of application. It grants scholarships to deserving Hispanic youth to enable them to secure a higher education. It advocates the teaching of our culture to our youth so that they can be proud of their ancestry and make a more valuable contribution to the United States of America.

Santa Clara County Florence Scholarship

College/Department: International Programs and Services 3.0 minimum GPA; resident of Santa Clara County for 6 months; matriculated SJSU student participating in the Study Abroad program in Florence Italy. Must have completed 60 units minimum by time of departure. Must have an interest in Italian culture and some Italian language as demonstrate by minimum one semester of college Italian.

Santa Clara County Reading Council Asilomar Reading Conference Scholarship

College/Department: Education For a 5th year student obtaining either a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis on Language and Literacy or a Reading/Language Arts Specialist Credential. Applicants must have high academic standards, leadership ability, previous successful experiences working with children and a high potential for successfully achieving the Masters or Credential and becoming an educator.