Printing Industry Scholarships

Here are some of the Printing Industry scholarships on our site for which you may qualify.

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Awards

Who may apply? Artists and art students in the early or developmental stage of their career, who work in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpting, or printmaking and demonstrate a commitment to making art a lifetime career. Grantees who have complied with the terms and conditions of a grant previously awarded to them by the Foundation may apply for a second or third grant one year after the award of their previous grant. Applicants who have previously applied for but who have not received a grant may reapply after two years. The foundation does not accept applications from commercial artists, photographers, video artists, and filmmakers, craft makers or any artist whose work falls primarily into these categories. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of submitting their application. Foundation welcomes applications throughout the year. First-time applicants may apply at any time after their 18th birthday.

Houghton Mifflin Company Fellows Program/Internship

Eligible Schools: UNCF Member Colleges and Universities (please check the website for the complete list) Eligible Locations: Open Scholarship Detail: This scholarship is awarded after completion of a paid summer internship ($3,300) to introduce selected students to careers in the publishing industry. Donor/Sponsor Name: Houghton - Mifflin Company Donor/Sponsor URL:

Signs Now Rochester Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a student attending Rochester Institute of Technology and pursuing a degree in Print Media.

Clampitt Paper/Henry Phillips Memorial Scholarship

Must be a Texas resident currently enrolled in an accredited two- or four-year print technology or management program. Annual award of up to $1,000 to one student from each of the following areas: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

Native Hawaiian Visual Arts Scholarship

 Minimum GPA 3.2  Be a University of Hawai`i-Mänoa undergraduate or graduate student  Majoring in Art to pursue the area of Visual arts, including but not limited to, drawing, painting, printmaking, graphic design, fiber arts, sculpture, ceramics, digital art (computer), photography, and film-making/video production  Submit hard-copy photos of artistic works created (CDs and DVDs will not be accepted) Applications are open to the general public. However, it is the policy of the Pauahi Foundation to give preference to applicants of Hawaiian ancestry to the extent permitted by law.

Two Year College Degree Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is for students enrolled in a flexographic printing program at a two-year college or degree-granting technical school. This grant is targeted at students seeking a career in the flexographic industry. Your school advisor must review your application and submit it to TLMI Headquarters. Who is eligible? Any student enrolled full-time in a flexographic printing program at a two-year college or technical program that grants degrees How much is awarded to each student? $1,000 (per school year) How many scholarships are awarded annually? Up to four (4) What criteria does the student have to meet? demonstrate interest in entering the tag and label industry exhibit proficiency in overall academics and maintain a 3.00 or higher GPA provide an official college transcript for all course work completed submit a Personal Statement, which should include: information about themselves, financial circumstances, career and/or educational goals, employment experience and reasons why they should be selected for this award. present a completed application to his/her school advisor for submission to TLMI. Applications will not be accepted directly from a student. (Each learning facility can submit two applications to the TLMI Scholarship Selection Committee.) Application deadline: March 31

FFTA Scholarship

Since 1982, the Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association (FFTA) has been providing financial aid to students who demonstrate an interest in the fields of flexography and/or graphic communications. These scholarships are highly coveted and are available only to a select number of students. Complete the online application

Canadian Printing Industries Scholarship

Monies from the Fund are granted to students who meet all of the following criteria: Must be enrolled in or plan to be enrolled in the first year of an approved program. Must be enrolled for a minimum of two years, on a full-time basis, in a printing management or technical program (not art or design) in a post-secondary Canadian school Must have a high school grade of at least 75% if applying for a college program, or at least 80% if applying for a university program. If transferring from a college or university, a grade of at least 80% or GPA of 3.0 is required for either a college or university program. Must maintain a 3.0 GPA to continue to receive their scholarship regardless of the program chosen. Must have a commitment to pursue a career in the printing industry (this could include management, estimating, pre-press, press, sales, etc.). To ensure the validity of the fourth point, students must consent to, and prepare a one page presentation outlining their reason for pursuing this course of study and explaining what they can contribute to the future of the industry. Based upon the student’s responses and level of enthusiasm, a final decision on scholarship qualification will be made by the Board of Trustees of the Fund. The requirement for an interview is part of the screening process for all new applicants. Students must be enrolled in an approved course of study which will provide him or her with sound basic skills in preparation for a printing industry career. Any college or university offering such a full-time two, three or four-year certification program would be acceptable as an approved school. The eligibility of any particular course or institution is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, whose decision is final. Part-time students or those enrolled in design or art courses are not eligible for scholarships from the Fund.

Raymond Rhodes Memorial Scholarship For Printing Technology & Graphic Arts

This award hopes to offer a scholarship of up to $2,000 for a student who will attend a full-time, post-secondary education pursuing a career in the field of printing technology or graphic arts. Strong preference is given to those pursuing a career in printing technology (press, prepress, or bindery operations). Requirements: Pursue a degree in printing technology or graphic arts

Rossini Scholarship

$22,500 FFTA/Rossini North America Flexographic Scholarship Competition The FFTA/Rossini North America Flexographic Scholarship is one of the industry’s most generous and prestigious scholarships bestowed annually to those students looking to further themselves in the flexographic industry. The award amounts for students and their respective educational institutions are as follows: First Place: $13,000 Student award = $10,000 Institutional award =$3,000 Second Place: $9,500 Student award = $7,500 Institutional award = $2,000 Letters of Recommendation In order to be considered for the FFTA/Rossini North America Flexographic Scholarship you must submit three (3) letters of recommendation. All letters must be sent to FFTA headquarters directly by the individual supplying the recommendation. It is the candidate's responsibility to make certain that all three letters of recommendation are submitted to FFTA no later than the deadline.

Xerox Minority Scholarship

Applicants must be academic high-achievers (3.0 or better GPA). Applicants must be US citizens or visa-holding Permanent Residents of African American, Asian, Pacific Island, Native American, Native Alaskan, or Hispanic descent. They must be enrolled as a full time undergraduate or graduate student in any of the following technical fields: * Chemistry * Information Management * Computing & Software Systems * Material Science * Printing Management Science * Laser Optics * Physics * Material Science * Engineering (Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Imaging, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Optical, or Software)

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